Mixed-up Pups

These aren't just your regular dogs!

A different take on typical dog books, Mixed Up Pups will focus on mixed breed canines like labradoodles, snorkies, schnoodles, cockapoos and more! These family friendly pups are becoming more popular in homes all around the world and this reader will explore the cutest and wackiest of breed combos. Kids will recognize some and discover others in this fun and informative book!

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Praise for Wandmaker:

"Masessa delivers a fast-paced, entertaining tale filled with humor and magical action, playfully referencing (and toying with) tropes popularized by Harry Potter (Voldemort never suffered half of the indignities that are perpetrated on Dai She, and Dumbledore never flew coach across the Atlantic). This is a clever, twisty story with plenty of potential for future installments." -- Publishers Weekly"

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Scarecrow Magic The WandMaker's Guidebook The Time Traveler's Journal

Portland Book Review, review, June 26, 2015

"Lushly illustrated in a gorgeous painted style, Scarecrow Magic is a beautiful book to read around Halloween."

Shelf Awareness, review, June 30, 2015

"A Halloween-themed treat to savor year-round, starring a straw man with a secret life."