The Time Traveler's Journal

Liserl Einstein's travels through time, meticulously researched using real life figures and events in history as background to fun adventure.

The time traveler is Lieserl Einstein (who now refers to herself as Lisa.) Born in 1902, there is no record of her existence. The only mention of her birth came when Albert Einstein's personal papers were released to the public in the 1980's. Lisa was exceptionally brilliant, well beyond her father in theoretical and mechanical ability. She went back in time to remove all records of her existence, leaving the mention of her birth in the private papers as a teaser.

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Praise for Wandmaker:

"Masessa delivers a fast-paced, entertaining tale filled with humor and magical action, playfully referencing (and toying with) tropes popularized by Harry Potter (Voldemort never suffered half of the indignities that are perpetrated on Dai She, and Dumbledore never flew coach across the Atlantic). This is a clever, twisty story with plenty of potential for future installments." -- Publishers Weekly"

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Portland Book Review, review, June 26, 2015

"Lushly illustrated in a gorgeous painted style, Scarecrow Magic is a beautiful book to read around Halloween."

Shelf Awareness, review, June 30, 2015

"A Halloween-themed treat to savor year-round, starring a straw man with a secret life."